The Most Thorough Tank Cleaning Service In Melbourne

Silos are huge machines that everyone can see when they drive through an industrial area. As is suggested by their mighty size, these huge tanks perform a very important task that the operation of the factory depends on. This is why Waverley Steam & High Pressure Cleaners knows how important cleaning your tank is. We will eliminate any mess and dirt inside your tank so it can operate at full capacity again in no time.

Why cleaning your tank is important

Tanks are, of course, designed to hold goods that are necessary for your business, such as fuel, oil, water, gas, and water. With all that stuff being put into your tanks constantly, it is bound to get dirty, or possibly even contaminated. Our professional workers will perform a thorough tank cleaning service at your Melbourne worksite. We will, of course, remove any mould and other unwanted substances on both the internal and external surfaces of the tank to make it nice and clean again.

How we do it

Our tank cleaning methods are very thorough and are guaranteed to leave your silo much cleaner than it was beforehand. We use high pressure pumps, cleaning heads, and boilers to clean inside the tanks. Though we will use safe chemical products when needed, we do prefer to use high pressure pumps with either cold or hot water, as water is non-toxic and will make the cleaning process easier.

Waverley Steam & High Pressure Cleaners take safety very seriously and ensure that both our cleaners, your staff and other industrial machinery do not come to harm during our cleaning process.

If your tanks are starting to get filthy and are in urgent need of a thorough wash, then please contact Waverley Steam at (03) 9717 3222 or

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