Industrial High Pressure Water Cleaners in Melbourne

Factories are often messy environments, and it can be very easy for the cleanliness of the worksite to be overlooked. But if this continues, dirt will build up and can interrupt progress from being made.

Waverley Steam & High Pressure Cleaners has been a privately owned and operated cleaning business since 1980. We have over 35 years of experience, so we know how important industrial cleaning is to keep your worksite and the materials you work with safe, secure and uncontaminated.

Specialising in industrial, commercial and residential applications using hot or cold water and environmentally friendly chemicals where required. “Waverley Steam” is fully insured and offers commercial services to all of Melbourne and wider Victoria. All the industrial machinery you use is vital for getting work done, so our cleaners will eliminate any unwanted germs and stains that are affecting the performance of your equipment. Our tank cleaning services will ensure that your stock is well protected from dirt and other contaminates that can affect hygiene.

Our services include:

Open 24/7.

Proud member of the:

Boiler Tubes and Heat Exchanges
Concrete Cleaning
Cooling Towers
Drain Clearing and Cleaning
Earth Moving Equipment Cleaning
Factory Clean Outs
Graffiti Removal

Industrial Machinery Cleaning
Non Invasive Digging
Residential Cleans
Sporting Facilities [Tennis, Netball, Basketball Courts etc
Tank Cleaning
Wet and Dry Vacuuming

The advantages of our industrial cleaning solutions:

Many Melbourne businesses elect to clean using our commercial water cleaners over other methods for their efficiency and effectiveness. Below are some of the advantages of this method:

  • Improved hygiene: Simply put, a powerful hot water cleaner kills far more germs, and kills them faster than hours of manual scrubbing ever can.
  • Reduced chemical consumption: Depending on the surface and type of residue, the combination of hot water and high pressure can eliminate the need for detergent altogether. This makes it a much cleaner, more environmentally sustainable method of cleaning when compared with chemical alternatives.
  • Better cleaning results: Cleaners are an effective way to remove otherwise stubborn residue such as graffiti, gum, mould, moss and stains. Hot water pressure cleaning is extremely effective at removing oil and grease build up, as the heat accelerates the emulsification process.
  • More efficient: Both hot and cold industrial water cleaners get the job done substantially faster than any manual method, and the hot water option can make the process even faster. What this means that cleaning is completed in an economic and punctual manner.
  • Versatile: High pressure water cleaners are a dynamic method of cleaning and can be used on a wide range of architectural and industrial materials and surfaces.

For more information on our range of industrial high pressure cleaning services throughout Melbourne and Victoria, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9717 3222 or




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